Matching child care needs with preschool hours

For working parents, it can sometimes to be tricky to match the hours of a preschool program with the child care needs of the family. However, if you've found a half day or alternating days program that looks great for your child, there are some child care options that can make it work for your family.  A built-in school care program Many schools have an associated 'after school' care program or optional afternoon program.

Mastering The 'Two Second' Rule - A Beginner's Guide

One of the most important safety lessons that beginning drivers can learn is what's known as the 'Two Second Rule'.  But what is the 'Two Second Rule' and how do you apply it?  Read on for a beginner's guide. What it is When you are driving on the road, one of the trickiest things to learn is how to keep the correct distance away from the vehicle in front of you, relative to the speed you are travelling at.

What are the requirements to be a heavy truck driver?

Getting a job as a heavy truck driver allows you to escape an office environment and be out on the road. It typically has competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a long career since truck drivers are always high in demand. Here are some of the requirements for being a truck driver. General Requirements First of all, most truck driving companies are going to have some basic requirements for all their drivers.