What are the requirements to be a heavy truck driver?

Getting a job as a heavy truck driver allows you to escape an office environment and be out on the road. It typically has competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a long career since truck drivers are always high in demand. Here are some of the requirements for being a truck driver.

General Requirements

First of all, most truck driving companies are going to have some basic requirements for all their drivers. To start with, you might need to be above a certain age. There may be times when you are transporting alcoholic beverages in the truck, which means you need to be able to do so legally. Another common requirement is that you have good driving history. Even if you haven't driven professionally yet, the company will likely look at your regular driving history. You also need to have a clear background check, and if you were ever arrested for substance abuse, show that you have completed substance abuse counseling. Some companies will allow this, while others have very strict guidelines.

Licence and Training

Naturally, you also need to show that you are capable of driving a large truck. Heavy truck driving jobs are not the same as just driving a large van or small truck to deliver packages around town. These are heavy-duty semi trucks that take a lot of careful maneuvering to drive safely and effectively. You should have your commercial driver's licence and also have completed the necessary heavy vehicle licence training. You might need complete some on-the-job training as well before being hired as a full-time employee, often requiring you to drive with someone else in the truck with you.

Mechanical Knowledge

Some truck companies want a truck driver with at least some basic mechanical knowledge. That way, if your truck breaks down while on the road, you might be able to complete some repairs or at least be able to tell what is wrong right away. Some on-the-road maintenance is often required with heavy truck driving, since you are often driving very long distances. It is much easier hiring a truck driver that can do some of this on their own.

Be Physically Capable

Your physical abilities will be considered when deciding if you can be a heavy truck driver. You first need to be able to lift up to a certain weight so you can help load and unload the truck. Aside from that, you need to have very good vision, even if that means having corrective eyewear. Your hearing might also be important to some companies so you can be on alert to alarms and other sound alerts while on the road. Being physically healthy enough to handle long trips in the truck is another requirement.