Does Someone on Your Staff Need a Dangerous Goods Course?

A dangerous goods course is typically legally required for shippers who regularly handle dangerous goods, but they certainly are not the only ones who need this course. There are others who are legally obligated to take such a course, and it can be good to send members of your staff to this type of course even if they're not actually legally obligated to take it. This can ensure their safety and the safety of all  your personnel when your company regularly manages dangerous goods. Note when someone on your staff might need to attend such a course, even if it's conducted online or through a webinar service.

Storage of dangerous goods

You may not be a shipping company yourself but if you store dangerous goods in your warehouse or production facility, even if the storage area is separate and located elsewhere on the grounds, your staff may need to go through a dangerous goods handling course. If they manage anything that has to do with storage of these items, including just taking inventory or labeling items, they are probably required to attend this course.

Even if certain members of your staff don't handle the dangerous goods, such as clerical staff who work in a separate office on the same site, it can be good to send them to the course anyway. These courses will discuss what to do in case of emergency, how to handle first aid procedures, how to spot signs of contamination or leaks of material and the like. Anytime you even just store dangerous goods on your property, your entire staff should take this type of course.

Refresher courses

Even after taking an initial course for dangerous goods handling, your staff may need a refresher course. Usually, these are legally required every few years, depending on your area and your industry. However, you might consider having your staff, and especially those who directly handle dangerous goods, take these even more than what is legally required. This can ensure that they are handling those materials properly and don't become negligent when it comes to safety.

Consider also if you've had accidents or injuries on your jobsite or facility that might mean that a refresher course is needed. Improper handling of dangerous goods that has resulted in damage to containers, leaks and other such accidents can mean that your staff should have a refresher course even if it's not legally required of them yet.