The Many Surprising Uses of Concrete at Home

When you hear the word "concrete," you might picture a drab and dull grey surface that you normally see in a parking lot. However, concrete can be painted or stained just about any color and to resemble certain stone surfaces, or buffed to look like glass. Concrete is also fireproof, virtually soundproof, and easy to harvest and mix, making it something of an eco-friendly choice. It's also usually more affordable than many other building materials. Note some uses of concrete around a home and consider talking with a concrete professional when you're looking to renovate or tackle any of these types of projects.

1. Kitchen countertops

Because concrete can be buffed and glossed, your home can have the look of glass or marble countertops without the cost of these materials. Concrete is also very impervious to burns as well as nicks and scratches, making it a durable surface for your kitchen.

2. Fence posts

To break up the look of a wrought iron or chain link fence, you might have a concreter pour fence posts made from concrete. These can then be shaped to look like brick posts, a stack of rocks, or even marble or stone columns.  Your property can then have a more regal and stately look versus having just a plain fence around your border.

3. Interior floors

Having a concrete floor inside your home doesn't mean the interior will look like a factory or the home's garage. The floors can be painted or stained to look like slate, granite, or any other number of materials. Because concrete is so affordable, you can then have this look in your entire home versus just the foyer, living area, or kitchen.

4. Landscape borders

Rather than paying for expensive stone to create walkways or small walls around your landscaping features, a concrete professional can shape and form these for you. They can then also be painted or stamped, and you have an attractive border that can be made to any shape, size, or color.

5. Exterior porches and steps

Having your metal steps rust and corrode or your wood porch get chipped or rotted can be very frustrating for a homeowner, whereas a set of concrete steps and exterior porch can mean a surface that only needs regular sealing to look its best. You can then also have the finish match your landscaping borders and walls or even have your home's driveway painted to match the porch for a very finished look.

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